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ACI Logistics Limited

ACI Logistic Limited

Process optimization

May 2016

Problem our client faced:

We started working with ACI Logistics Limited from May 2016. Main role of stc bangladesh in the assignment is to make the company employees more process focused.

Process Layout changed in base section

How we helped:

The Based on Voice of Customer (VOC) stc bangladesh identified customer impacting processes and then with the help of stakeholder done process risk analysis through FMEA (failure mode and effect analysis).

Which tools were helpful:

At first, complains data were taken from support center. Once we could understand the key pain area, we started diving deep into the process. There were many failure area and stc consultants identified and proposed suggestion for those


SMEs can now analyze their own process, customer complains reduced.

Every process stakeholders were involved in identifying areas of process failure

Gemba visits in market and packing area helped consultants identify issues from real place

Suggestions were made to improve quality