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The Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification has been developed exclusively for the Management and Strategy Institute and designed to …


Shamima Begum, with over $1 billion project delivery experience, is now one of the most regarded project and change management expert in Bangladesh. She has more than 16 years extensive experience in quality, project and strategy management for different industries in Bangladesh.  She has started her project management career as part of Warid Telecom launch team member. After that she has managed many projects being a member of PMO. She has started her journey as six sigma practitioner as operational excellence team member in Airtel Bangladesh Limited. She is currently playing the role of Lead Consultant at stc bangladesh, the leading project and quality management institute in Bangladesh.


5 hours, 5 minutes

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1 week, 3 days

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৳ 2,125.00 excluding vat

Course Description

The Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification has been developed exclusively for the Management and Strategy Institute and designed to give the student a brief overview of Six Sigma and Lean principles. This program will cover exactly what Six Sigma is and why it is being used in businesses around the world to streamline operations and eliminate waste. When a process is operating at a 6 sigma level, it means that the process must not produce more than 3.4 defects per million opportunities. To achieve this level of operational excellence requires organizations to adhere to strict process controls. A Six Sigma project uses a 5-step process called the DMAIC method to evaluate and improve processes within an organization. This stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control. Six Sigma uses a series of "belts" to help differentiate the different roles that people will undertake during a project. These belts range from White to Master Black Belt. Each belt holder has a different, but equally important role within an improvement project. They must all work in unison, have an open line of communication, and work well as a team. This certification is perfect for individuals who are looking to learn more about Lean Six Sigma and process improvement. This course consists of a 20-minute training program and a 15-question certification exam. Upon completion of the exam, you will have immediate access to a digital certificate showing your certification status. Because we are offering this course for free, it does not include a physical certificate or transcripts.

Course Content

    • White belt course materials 02:32:00
    • 1. Introduction to six sigma 00:05:18
    • 2. History of six sigma 00:10:39
    • 3. Demystifying Six Sigma 00:13:31
    • 4. Six sigma purposes 00:02:25
    • 5. Six Sigma as Metric (part 1) 00:03:48
    • 6. Six Sigma as Metric (part 2) 00:03:49
    • 7. Six Sigma as Methodology (DMAIC) 00:05:25
    • 8. Six Sigma as Methodology (DMADOV) 00:03:38
    • 9. Six Sigma as Management System 00:04:17
    • 0. Lean and six sigma 00:06:12
    • ১. কাইজেন – সূচনা 00:01:34
    • ২. কাইজেন কি ও কেন? 00:04:41
    • ৩. অর্থবহ কাজের সংজ্ঞা 00:06:16
    • ৪. প্রবাহ ও প্রবাহের রোধের কারন 00:04:38
    • ৫. ৮ টি অপচয় (পর্ব – ১) 00:05:27
    • ৬. ৮ টি অপচয় (পর্ব – ২) 00:04:28
    • ৭. চিনতে পারলাম ৮টি অপচয়? 00:04:54
    • ৮. কাইজেন প্রস্তাবনা ও বাস্তবায়ন 00:05:11
    • ৯. উন্নয়নের ৭ টি লক্ষ্য (পর্ব – ১) 00:05:08
    • ১০. উন্নয়নের ৭ টি লক্ষ্য (পর্ব – ২) 00:07:47
    • ১১. উন্নয়নের ৭ টি লক্ষ্য (পর্ব – ৩) 00:03:06
    • ১২. উন্নয়নের ৭ টি লক্ষ্য (পর্ব – ৪) 00:07:25
    • 1. Harvesting the fruits of six sigma 00:03:38
    • 2. Relationship of TQM and Six Sigma projects 00:05:01
    • 3. Difference between Transactional Project and problem solving project 00:04:46
    • 1. Six sigma Roles White belt to Black belt 00:05:22
    • 2. Six Sigma roles master black belt 00:00:00
    • LSSWB AQ 00:05:00
    • Course Evaluation 00:10:00

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  1. LSSWB



  2. Dewan Rakibul HasanMay 17, 2022 at 10:55 pm

    Very Good Course


    Great Learning through STC

  3. Mohammed Fahim HasanApril 14, 2022 at 11:40 pm



    It was a great interactive session with Shamima Begum regarding basic knowledge about Lean and Six Sigma. This course enables me to get more interest in LSSBB. For this, I would definitely recommend STC Bangladesh & wish them the best of luck. Thank you

  4. Sajid Abdur RahmanJanuary 19, 2022 at 5:22 pm

    Very Good.


    The course contents are good. Highly recommended.

  5. Excellent


    I have gathered real life experience with examples which was helpful to enrich my knowledge and will be helpful in my professional work.