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Digital Engravers Limited

Digital Engravers Limited

Lean manufacturing

Aug 2013


Problem our client faced:

During 2013, DEL had less efficiency in base making section. Hence, they used to outsource bases from other vendors. Moreover, due to poor supply chain management, engraving department used to fail production target.

How we helped:

After careful analysis of the process, stc consultants found the the process had unnecessary ‘transportation’ as the layout of the factory was not according to the process flow.



Fig: Process Layout changed in base section

Which tools were helpful:

Spaghatti diagram were used to identify transportation. It was taugh to convince top management that the layout change will increase efficiency and productivity. Later, top management were convinced and allowed to change the layout.
‘standard time’ calculation was also required in this exercise.


Base production increased from average 37 per day to 55 per day within 3 days of setup change

Floor marking before the change

Counseling with supervisors before the setup change

Setup changed