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What is the course about? The CSCP certification program is offered by the American Association of Operations Management(APICS) which is …


Shamima Begum, with over $1 billion project delivery experience, is now one of the most regarded project and change management expert in Bangladesh. She has more than 16 years extensive experience in quality, project and strategy management for different industries in Bangladesh.  She has started her project management career as part of Warid Telecom launch team member. After that she has managed many projects being a member of PMO. She has started her journey as six sigma practitioner as operational excellence team member in Airtel Bangladesh Limited. She is currently playing the role of Lead Consultant at stc bangladesh, the leading project and quality management institute in Bangladesh.


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2 months

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৳ 45,000.00 excluding vat

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What is the course about?

The CSCP certification program is offered by the American Association of Operations Management(APICS) which is rated the best program of its type. Understanding and implementing the latest best practice and trends is the key to success in global supply chain management. The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) program is one of best supply chain certification that encompasses the end-to-end global supply chain. APICS CSCP designees gain the skills to effectively manage global supply chain activities that involve suppliers, plants, distributors, and customers located around the world. Who should attend this course?
  • Professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and understanding of their entire supply chain.
  • Employees hoping to boost productivity and collaboration.
  • Innovators promoting global supply chain management.
  • Managers working to affect lead time, inventory, productivity, and the bottom line.
  • Hard workers trying to move forward in their careers.

Why you should attend this course with us?

  • Join the first-ever CSCP certification course in Bangladesh.
  • Learn from the CSCP certified instructors
  • Practice more than 1000 questions to be fully prepared for the exam.
  • Peer discussions and real-world experiences help reinforce learning materials.
  • A structured environment ensures that you stay on track with your studies.
  • Chapter-wise quiz, Exams like questions, and CSCP retired exam questions.
  • Exam tips session with complete guidelines for the exam from Bangladesh.

How was this training conducted?

Based on APICS CSCP materials  

Module 1: Supply Chain Design

-                 Inputs and objectives of supply chain management strategy -                 Recognize and resolve misalignment and gaps -                 Accounting and financial reporting information, strategic analysis tools, and economic considerations -                 Designing the supply chain while understanding and working within business considerations -                 Designing fulfillment strategies and products for different markets and requirements -                 Identifying and managing market segments -                 Understanding electronic business considerations and key technology applications -                 Understanding implementation tools including project management processes communication

Module 2: Supply Chain Planning and Execution

-                 Procuring and delivering goods and services using supply chain management -                 Using demand management, including demand forecasting and prioritization -                 Using master planning, master scheduling, and sales and operations planning (S&OP) -                 Managing, planning, and controlling inventory -                 Understanding the effects of inventory on financial statements and inventory-related cost categories -                 Managing supply in the supply chain based on total cost of ownership and make-versus-buy analysis -                 Developing supply plans based on buyer-supplier relationships -                 Logistics and warehouse management, forecasting, and planning -                 Making considerations for trade, regulation, and currency funds flow -                 Segmentation of customer-driven marketing, customers, suppliers, and other partners -                 Fundamentals of supplier relationship management (SRM) and customer relations management (CRM) -                 Managing reverse logistics and waste

Module 3: Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

-                 Standards, regulations, and sustainable best practices compliance -                 International standards and considerations for import/export, intellectual property, licensing, tax and accounting, labor laws -                 Corporate social responsibility for sustainability, UN Global Compact, and GRI initiatives -                 Accreditation, certifications and standards for quality, environmental, social, and safety -                 Identifying, assessing, classifying and responding to risks -                 Compliance, security, and regulatory concerns -                 Improving the supply chain through measuring performance and supply chain metrics focused on customers, financial reports, and operational practices, and customer service -                 Utilizing continuous improvement and change management techniques and principles, including lean and just-in-time as well as other continuous improvement philosophies

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