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An introduction to Project Management and Structured PM Methodology


What is the course about?

PRINCE2™ (Projects in a Controlled Environment) is a structured project management method based on experience drawn from Thousands of projects  Contributions of countless project sponsors, Project Managers, project teams, academics, trainers and consultants.

PRINCE2™ is truly generic – Can be applied to any project regardless of scale, type, organization, geography or culture. PRINCE2 achieves this by isolating the management aspects of project work from the specialist contributions.

PRINCE2™ is extensively used in more than 150 countries around the world, and its take-up grows daily. It is widely considered as the leading method in project management, with in excess of 20,000 organizations already benefiting from its pioneering and trusted approach.

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has continued to develop and improve the definition and presentation of PRINCE2 within this reference manual.


Who should attend the course?

  • For project management personnel wishing to learn about project management method (PRINCE2™ method in particular)
  • For experienced Project Managers and personnel who wish to learn about the PRINCE2 method
  • As a detailed reference source for PRINCE2 practitioners
  • As a source of information on PRINCE2 for managers considering whether to adopt the method.
  • Persons interested in PRINCE2™ Certification
  • Project managers or Delivery Lead/responsible of all types organizations/industry to manage projects in controlled manner.


Why you should Attend the course?

  • Get 16 Contact hours towards you PMP® exam
  • Understand templates for better managing a project
  • Get step by step project management methods and understand roles and responsibilities of a Project management team
  • Q&A Discussion session which enables you to understand question pattern and answering techniques


the training conducted?

Day 1 

  • PRINCE2 Overview
  • 6 Project Objectives
  • Summary of Change
  • PRINCE2 Project Environment
  • The Seven Principles/ Themes/ Processes of PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Components
  • PRINCE2 Organizational Structure
  • Four Layer Principles
  • Program Organizer, Design Authority
  • PRINCE2 Risk Management, PRINCE2 Controls
  • Three Phases to Control

Day 2

  • Five Major Control Points
  • PRINCE2 Configuration Management
  • CM Planning , CM Identification, CM Control, CM Status Accounting, CM Verification
  • PRINCE2 Stages
  • Review Decision Points
  • Planning Horizons & Scalability
  • Management Stages, Technical Stages
  • Time Focused, Consecutive
  • PRINCE2 Plan Makeup
  • Levels & Approvals

Day 3 

  • PRINCE2 Quality
  • Quality System, Assurance, Planning, Control
  • Product Description & Quality Reviews
  • Link to ISO 9001
  • PRINCE2 Change Control
  • Post Acceptance Change
  • Authority Level
  • Integrity of Change, PRINCE2 Processes
  • Project Starting up, Project Brief, Project Approach
  • Initiation Stage Plan, Directing a Project, Initiating a Project

Day 4

  • Planning Quality Requirement, Planning the Project
  • Refining the Business Case & Risk
  • Establishing Project Controls
  • Set up Project File, Create the Project Initiation Document
  • Planning a Project, Designing a Plan
  • Product Definition + Analysis
  • Identify Activities & Dependencies
  • Estimating, Scheduling, Analyzing Risks
  • Completing a Plan, Controlling a Stage
  • Work Package Authorization
  • Assessing Progress, Capturing Project Issues
  • Examining Project Issues, Reviewing Stage Status
  • Reporting Highlights

Day 5

  • Taking Corrective Action
  • Escalating Project Issues
  • Receiving Complete Work Package
  • Managing Product Delivery
  • Accepting Work Package, Executing a Work Package
  • Delivering a Work Package, Managing Stage Boundaries
  • Planning a Stage
  • Updating a Project Business Case, Updating the Risk Log
  • Reporting Stage End, Producing an Exception Plan
  • Closing a Project
  • De-commissioning a Project
  • Identifying Follow on Action
  • Project Evolution Review

 Day 6

  • Exam + review

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