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Q:        Why Six Sigma?

A:      Six Sigma is a highly disciplined approach that enables us to focus on creating and delivering nearly-perfect products and services. The underlying idea being that if you can measure how many “defects” you have in a process, you can systematically figure out a way to eliminate them and get as close to “zero defects” as possible. This concept is the motivating factor why employers today are increasingly searching for candidates with this type of certification.



Q:        Who should enroll for our Six Sigma Certification?

A:      Six Sigma Certification can be applied to many aspects of business, and therefore can benefit almost all companies. By enrolling your employees, Six Sigma can drastically improve your organization’s bottom line, and at the same time help your employees climb the corporate ladder. Six Sigma has become the flagship method for separating your organization from its competition.



Q:        What are the prerequisites/do I have to take the “belts” in order?

A:        There are no prerequisites to our training Programs. For instance, our Black Belt Program touches upon all of the topics covered in both the white/yellow and green belt curriculum. However, we expect our participants to have a general understanding of business, Internet access with a compatible web browser, and a valid email address.

Additionally, you may need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader and a Macromedia Flash plug-in (if not already installed).



Q:        Can your training be customized for my organization?

A:        We would be happy to customize training that fits your organizations requirements.



Q:        What is a White/Yellow Belt?

A:        Originally, Yellow Belts were individuals that were trained while working on a project with a Green or Black Belt. However, more companies are requiring formal training for White/Yellow Belts. In most cases, the White/Yellow Belt has some expertise in the process that is being improved, so he or she needs a basic understanding of Six Sigma in order to support the Green Belt or Black Belt working to improve the process. White/Yellow Belts do not have the knowledge needed to complete projects.




Q:        What is a Green Belt?

A:        Green Belts work on simple process improvement projects. Traditionally, their job would require less than 50% of their time be focused on Six Sigma projects. However, Green Belt roles and job requirements will vary between companies.


Q:        What is a Black Belt?

A:        Black Belts work on higher level projects with larger savings potential. Traditionally, their job requires more than 50% of their time be focused on leading Six Sigma projects. However, like Green Belts, Black Belt roles and job requirements will vary between companies.


Q:        What is a Master Black Belt?

A:        Master Black Belts are the highest level of Six Sigma certification. These individuals are able to implement Six Sigma within an organization. Master Black Belts have a high level of understanding regarding Six Sigma with a lot of experience working with projects, etc. They are also able to certify other individuals as Green Belts and/or Black Belts.


Q:        Can I obtain my Black Belt before my Green Belt?

A:        Green Belt program is required for the Black Belt. You may go directly into our Black Belt program without any prior experience. It will include the Green Belt training.


Q:        Are you an authorized Six Sigma provider/trainer?

A:        There is not a governing body of Six Sigma. Any organization may provide Six Sigma training. Our program is highly recognized in the industry. We have provided training to major corporations. In addition, we have trained individuals and units within several companies, branches of the government/non-government and military. We do provide an internationally recognized certification. stc bangladesh has been recognized by ASQ (American Society for Quality) as strategic partner and we are now approved by Project Management Institute to become a PMI, Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) effective January 2014. REP No-3971 To learn more about our organization view the About Us pages.


Q:        Do you offer PDU’s?

A:        Yes, we are approved for PDU’s for PMI.


Q:        How many PDU’s are earned?

A:        Overview – 8 PDU’s

Green Belt – 32 PDU’s

Black Belt – 48 PDU’s


Q:        What are the qualifications of your instructors?

A:        Our instructors are all Black Belts with at least 10 years of real world experience working as a Black Belt consultant for several organizations in addition to experience teaching.


Q:        What if I don’t have a project I can work on?

A:        You may complete a project for a nonprofit organization in your area working as a volunteer. You may also elect to receive a training certificate without project certification. You may complete a project for certification at a later date. If you want to receive PDU’s or CEU’s without a project, you may need to complete an online examination. Please contact us for more information.


Q:        Do you offer Six Sigma for healthcare, service hospitality, construction, IT?

A:        Our public traditional classes training is not specific to one industry. This allows individuals from all organizations the opportunity to learn how to incorporate Six Sigma methodologies within a variety of industries. Our industry generic option offers examples from all industries. We will focus on the industries represented in class for our traditional classroom students. We also offer customized onsite training for groups that focuses on your organizations specific requirements.


Q:        What is Minitab?

A:        Minitab is the standard software used for Six Sigma projects. It is allows you to perform statistical analysis with graphical representations through pre-programmed mathematical calculations without needing to know the math required. It is the most popular statistical software option for Six Sigma projects. It is taught throughout out the online Green and Black Belt Minitab versions and all of our public Six Sigma programs.


Q:        Does the training come with a full version of Minitab?

A:        The training will teach you how to use Minitab to complete projects, but it does not come with the software. You may download a 30 day trial version, purchase a version with 1 year. of access, or buy a full license option all at low student rates that are considerably less than purchasing it retail.


Q:        What about exam center for ASQ certification?

A:        stc bangladesh is glad to announce that we are the only training institute in Bangladesh who has the authority to arrange certification exam at stc house under the surveillance of American society of quality (ASQ) and every year we arrange two sittings, one in March and another in October.


Q:        Where is the exam center?

A:      Am American Alumni Association (AAA) Address: House 145, Road 13/B, Block E, Banani, Dhaka 1213