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What is the course about? Leaders in today’s organizations are turning to the Six Sigma Green Belt training to ensure …


Shamima Begum, with over $1 billion project delivery experience, is now one of the most regarded project and change management expert in Bangladesh. She has more than 16 years extensive experience in quality, project and strategy management for different industries in Bangladesh.  She has started her project management career as part of Warid Telecom launch team member. After that she has managed many projects being a member of PMO. She has started her journey as six sigma practitioner as operational excellence team member in Airtel Bangladesh Limited. She is currently playing the role of Lead Consultant at stc bangladesh, the leading project and quality management institute in Bangladesh.


1 day, 1 hour

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2 weeks, 6 days

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What is the course about?

Leaders in today’s organizations are turning to the Six Sigma Green Belt training to ensure their competitive edge, improve service and build the skill base needed to sustain performance improvement. The Six Sigma Green Belt training takes organizations to the next level by uniting process excellence with goals such as improving customer service and/or enhancing shareholder value creation. The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification course is based on the ASQ (American Society for Quality) “body of knowledge” of six sigma, and follows a model known as DMAIC. The DMAIC model is the standard six sigma roadmap from project selection through completion and follow-up.

Why you  Should Attend the course?

» Learn tools of six sigma step by step in DMAIC approach. » Practice tools with Minitab statistical software » Get prepared for six sigma Greenbelt certification exam, especially for ASQ (American Society for Quality) which is recognized as top among certification provider bodies. » Assessment through quiz after each class » Practically apply tools in individual six sigma project and based on that get the certification

 What to expect?

Students will be taken through all phases of six sigma DMAIC, from project start to improvement and sustaining the same. Material for the training includes trainers self-made Training Courseware exclusive for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. The comprehensive power point presentation for the workshop is based on the “CSSGB BOK”, by ASQ.

Course Content

    • LSSWB Day 1 02:08:00
    • LSSWB Day 2 01:12:00
    • LSSYB Day 3 00:47:00
    • LSSYB Day 4 01:09:00
    • LSSYB Day 5 00:51:00
    • LSSYB Day 6 00:57:00
    • LSSYB Day 7 00:42:00
    • LSSYB Day 8 01:16:00
    • LSSGB Day 9 01:33:00
    • LSSGB Day 10 00:46:00
    • LSSGB Day 11 00:35:00
    • LSSGB Day 12 01:43:00
    • LSSGB Day 13 02:04:00
    • LSSGB Day 14 00:39:00
    • LSSGB Day 15 01:31:00
    • LSSGB Day 16 01:11:00
    • LSSGB Day 17 01:34:00
    • LSSGB Day 18 01:55:00
    • LSSGB Day 19 01:38:00
    • LSSGB Day 20 01:01:00
    • LSSGB Day 21 (Wrap up session) 00:35:00