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Duration: 36 Hours                                   Course fee: BDT.22,500.00+VAT Format: Virtual Live   Who Should Attend this Course?  The course is designed for individuals working in management, consulting and strategic consulting, executives in different areas of business or individuals from any profession who holds keen interest in business analysis and wants to pursue his career in relevant fields.   Program Objectives  The core objectives of the program are as follows-  - Introducing the Business Analysis Approach to the Participants  - Reviewing all six knowledge areas of BABOK Guide  - Providing the participants with knowledge on Business Analysis tools, techniques and competencies  - Providing participants with tips for exam preparation  - Setting a standard strategy for CBAP exam preparation   What is this course About This course is designed with a view to provide participants with an in-depth understanding on Business Analysis in the light of CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) exam. CBAP is a certification provided by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada and is known for being the most prestigious professional degree in Business Analysis. The course participants will follow the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Guide Version 3 during the course and will be provided with opportunities to discuss and answer questions which will eventually help them build skill regarding applying personal knowledge to answer sample questions. The course will cover all five business analysis perspectives presented in the BABOK Guide and help the participants understand business analysis techniques and develop personal skill competencies.   Module 1: Introduction to CBAP Certification 
  • Importance of Professional Certification
  • What is IIBA? 
  • Eligibility for CBAP certification 
  • Exam Application Process 
  • Exam Outline 
  • CBAP Exam Blueprint 
  • Recertification 
Module 2: Introduction to BABOK Version 3 
  • What is Business Analysis? 
  • What does a Business Analyst do? 
  • Business Analysis Core Concept Model the Knowledge Areas defined in BABOK V3  
  • Underlying Competencies of an Analyst  
  • Techniques and Perspectives of an Analyst  
  • Defining Key Concepts of BABOK Guide
  • 5 Business Analysis Perspectives
Module 3: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Planning an Business Analysis Approach
  • Planning Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Business Analysis Information Management and Governance 
  • Identifying Business Analysis Performance Improvements 
  • Tools and Techniques in Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring 
Module 4: Elicitation and Collaboration
  • Preparing and Conducting an Elicitation  
  • Confirming the Results of Elicitation 
  • Communicating the Business Analysis Information
  • Managing Stakeholder Collaboration 
Module 5: Requirements Life Cycle Management 
  • Tracing Requirements 
  • Maintaining Requirements 
  • Prioritizing Requirements 
  • Assessing Changes to the Requirements
  • Approving the Requirements 
Module 6: Strategy Analysis
  • Analyzing the Current State and Defining the Future State 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Defining the Change Strategy
Module 7: Requirements Analysis and Design Definition 
  • Specifying and Modeling Requirements 
  • Verifying and Validating Requirements 
  • Requirements Architecture 
  • Design Options
  • Analyzing Potential Value and Recommending Solution 
Module 8: Solution Evaluation 
  • Measuring Solution Performance 
  • Analyzing Performance Measure 
  • Assessment of Limitations of Solution and Enterprise 
  • Recommendation on Actions to Increase Solution value
Module 9: Agile Perspective 
  • Agile Business Analysis 
  • Change Scope 
  • Defining Business Analysis Scope 
  • Approaches and Techniques 
  • Underlying Competencies and Impact on Knowledge Area
Module 10: Business Intelligence Perspective
  • What is Business Intelligence? 
  • Change Scope 
  •  Defining the Business Analysis Scope 
  • Methodologies and Approaches 
  • Underlying Competencies and Impact on Knowledge Area
Module 11: Information Technology Perspective 
  • About Information Technology (IT) 
  • Change Scope 
  • Defining the Business Analysis Scope 
  • - Methodologies and Approaches 
  •  Underlying Competencies and Impact on Knowledge Area 
Module 12: Business Architecture Perspective
  • About Business Architecture 
  • Change Scope  
  • Defining the Business Analysis Scope
  •  Methodologies and Approaches 
  • Underlying Competencies and Impact on Knowledge Area
Module 13: Business Process Management Perspective
  • About Business Process Management 
  • Change Scope 
  • Defining the Business Analysis Scope
Certificate: 36 hours of CBAP certificate will be provided upon completion of the course

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